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Linuxfest Organization 2005

I went to tons of links beorfe this, what was I thinking?


  • Date 23rd and 24th of April
  • Time: Saturday 8:00 to late night, Sunday 10:00 to 19:00
  • Location LGL (Lycée de Garçons) Luxembourg Limpertsberg
    • ONT website [1] in the agenda --> no events yet: Try to add Linux Fest

I can already tell that's gonna be super hlefpul.


  • Make poster [2]
  • Hang it out in schools (prepare 4 weeks in advance, hang out 2 1/2 week in advance)
  • Hang it out at work or elsewhere (only authorized places please.)
  • Print as A5 and A6 flyer and distribute it (Clubs, Mailboxes, Shops ...)
  • Create a WEB-banner and distribute/advertise it.
  • Add the event to all calenders you know off.
  • Post to all mailing lists.
  • Prepare commercial advertisement.
  • Prepare Press Release CpLinuxFest2005
  • Coordinate release: Proposed Release Date 5th of April
    • Luxemburger Wort (-> PascalSteichen)
    • La Voix du Luxembourg
    • RTL (-> SergeMarelli )
    • Letzebuerger Revue (Christian Mersch)
    • Radio 100,7 (-> SergeMarelli )
    • PaperJam (-> SergeMarelli )
    • Buy add space in Telecran (Jule)
    • Revue?
    • Sipress (?) ==> coordination publicites dans presse ecrite
    • [please complete if you have more ideas & contacts]
    • Spiral (?)

Press Release : (Done, but no feedback from any newspaper nor radio besides soluxion and 100komma7...) - in French : CpLinuxFest2005 - in English :


Coordinate with PauloRibeiro do not send on you own.

Goodies / Freebies

  • Use what we have.

Administrative (done)

  • make price list
    AlexLoes : Is it the same as last year???
  • print forms to note down sales and new memberships
    AlexLoes: I will prepare something...done!

Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good atrcile.