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Hi everyone and two's,

I used to be responsible for "public relations and media stuff" (see Presse) a few years ago, but I resigned in early 2005 because work & private life had acquired new priority. I might come back some day... not in the near future.

I'm interested in computers, software, games, Free Software, philosophy, wine and many more things.

To many a geek, public relation is an alien concept, if not a cussword second only to marketing. It is however very important to what we want to do if we plan on having any kind of success in promoting Free Software !

  • use the adress to send stuff to the people responsible for press relation and public relation
  • special or personal issues can however be send directly to /dev/null as I don't think I'll handle them ;) (yes, I am an adept of the BOFH and BSFH)
  • use the mailing lists for any inquiery/question/remark/...
    • lilux-help for questions related to Linux, computers and Linux, using Linux etc...
    • lilux-info for generic questions not necessarily related to linux and/or computer, this may range from Linux advocacy to alien philosophy, including questions about what we do
    • if you want to know about the Answer to the Ultimate Question about Life, the Universe and Everything, it's 42 (forty-two)

live long and prosper