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Homebanking again works with free browsers, however, the login page still has a browser check, letting only Internet Explorer in. Circumventing this check is enough to get it work again.

Four solutions are available:

  1. Konqueror, disguised as Internet Explorer
  2. Konqueror, as himself (or other browser), with locally modified login page
  3. Firefox as himself
  4. Any browser, "low-tech" solution

Konqueror disguised as Internet Explorer

In order to use this solutions, click on Settings->Configure Konqueror, then on "Browser Identification" (the third last icon from the list at the left hand). Add a mapping from to any variant of Internet Explorer that is more recent than 5.5

From there on, you may connect normally to BGL's homebanking (start at, then chose Webbanking)

This solution has 2 drawbacks though:

  1. You appear as Internet Exploder in the logs of BGL's web server, thereby confirming the "powers that be" in their mistaken belief that there are no other browsers
  2. Display is buggy: information windows and forms are restricted to a small area of just 3 lines high, and you have to scroll to see everything

Konqueror as himself

You can use konqueror declared as himself by downloading the ebanking login page from and patching it locally. The changes needed have two purposes:

  1. Disable any annoying browser checkes
  2. Make sure that form submissions goes back to BGL

The following changes are necessary:

  1. Rename the file into user.html (so that your browser knows it's HTML)
  2. Add the following line near the top, right after <HEAD>:
  <base href="">
  1. Locate the following two lines (near the end), and comment them out:
 Btw, a ready-made user.html file may be downloaded from .
  1. Finally, point your browser to the patched user.html file, and log in.
  1. After having successfully logged in, you get back to BGL's main page, rather than web banking. This is probably due to the missing language cookie (which would normally be set by the original user.jsp, but which cannot happen due to it now being loaded from a non-BGL place). This is no problem though, just click on Webbacking, and you are now connected to the Webbanking application.
  1. User comfort (or lack thereof...) is as for solution 1 (very small information and form windows), however, with this solution, your konqueror shows correctly in the statistics.


Firefox is now allowed "officially", since early Decemeber, the firefoxGo variable in user.jsp has been set to true!

Any browser, "low tech" solution

It is actually possible to access BGL homebanking with any browser as long as it supports enabling/disabling of javascript within one session. Proceed as follows:

  1. At start, Javascript should be enabled
  2. Go to, and start homebanking normally
  3. As expected, you get redirected to a page advertising Internet Exploder.
  4. Disable Javascript
  5. Click back (left arrow) (or enter into the URL bar, if back takes you too far back...)
  6. Enter your username
  7. Re-enable Javascript (so that it will be active again for next page)
  8. Press the Enter key to submit the form (the "Validate" button does not yet work, because Javascript is still disabled for the current page. Any change in config only becomes effective after loading a page)
  9. Continue as usual


Solution 3 (firefox) is both the easyest to set up (just install Firefox) and the most appealing to the eye (no obvious display bugs).

Historical notes

For technical discussion of history, see earlyer revisions of this wiki page.


We wrote a complaint to BGL Management (ComplaintToBglManagement) back in April, which, along with a meeting in May, may have triggered this nice evolution.

We now prepare a letter of thanks (ThanksToBglManagement) which at the same time will serve as an encouragement to remove the last remaining stumbling block (browser check)

Ok, I think we can forget about the letter of thanks. As their application was still only working with only two browsers, whereas the others were blocked by a browser check, we kept the page at in place. This page allowed users of other software (such as Konqueror, Safari, Opera...) access to their BGL accounts. However, as the page was basically a lightly patched version of BGL's own login page, BGL considered this as a violation of their intellectual property, and threatened to send police. Well done: Now the page is not only entirely different from BGL's, but also very unflattering about their behavior!