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The structure of this report is based on those from : fipr.

The Report (TODO) :

====Implementation of the directive====

Voted on the 18.03.2004, the final text can be found at parliament site, go to Portail documentaire, -> Rôle des affaires, -> Lois votées, ->projet 5128 ->R06 (not possible to link directly to pdf)

The new law is not published yet! This will happen early April.

====Exceptions and Limitations====

In total 16 exception out of 22 have been included.


  • Private copying is ok and does not differentiate between analog or digital: good.
  • Libraries may continue to use digital copies: good
  • Three step test is included: +/-
  • Exceptions are imperative: good


====Technological protection measures====
  • The Commission line is largely followed: bad

(to develop)

====Enforcement and penalties====
(penal stuff)
====The national debate====
  • Editors, chambre de commerce and the ministry of culture were the main institutions involved in the debate.
  • acceptable, except for technological measures, which will hopefully be proven a bad idea by future laws or the market.

When the report is finished you should find a PDF version here :)