(FOSS = Free/OpenSource Softwares)

  • Isn't Free/OpenSource software choice is very limited ?

    1. On Google, a "Free Software" search returns 104 million references while "proprietary software" (its opposite) only returns 2 million links.
    2. When installing a Ubuntu Linux distribution (as example), ~25 000 different, selected softwares are included, freely available from the Ubuntu network servers, free of charge. And some famous are not even in this subset: GoogleEarth, Skype, Webmin, ... are not in this "short" list, but are however available for Linux, freely, from their respective web sites.
    3. A single collaborative software development site (SourceForge.net) hosts about 2 millions volunteers software developers working on 180 000 different projects (as of August 2008)

      The amount of Free/OpenSource softwares is 1000+ times more
      that what might offer any proprietary software vendor catalog.